What our Customers say...


WOW! Just amazing response and service!! The guys came out in the evening and stayed late until the job was completed. My husband was deployed and I was very grateful to them for coming back out twice to check on everything. Hire them!

Andrew G. came to my property to extract water and he and his employee was very professional and polite and did a good job with with the extracting process.

Thank you so much to Andrew G. and his team for restoring Stra-Brook apartments after an apartment flooded upstairs. They were fast, efficient and very professional!

When Lightning hit our house ,causing the roof to catch on fire, which then lead to water line busting which put the fire out but then continue to fill the house with water and smoke for the next 3 hours Serve Pro showed up not even an hour after I called and got started drying up the water. Thanks to there immediate response we were able to get everything dried out and the demo done within the first week which allowed us to get the repairs done much quicker than anticipated. Andrew and his team did an awesome job at protecting things so not to cause anymore work then was needed as well as staying in touch with me on the progress of the drying so I could schedule my repair subs. I would definitely recommend using them.
Thanks again guys

Quick and efficient service. Could not be happier. Thank you all.

Gregg and Cody were amazing through weeks of trying to get a mold problem corrected in our new home. Gregg took extra care to make my rambunctious 2 year old feel special and involved as they worked on removing all the mold and Cody was super helpful the entire time as well! Without their help we wouldn't have had any idea the full extent of the problem!

I suffered a small kitchen fire while cooking. My insurance agent suggested SERVPRO of Valdosta. I was very pleased with how kind and prompt they were. They knew just what to do and Janae was very good to explain the process and answer all my questions. I couldn't believe how they got the smell out of my home. They took care of the paperwork with the insurance company making the situation easier. I hope I never need them again but I would use and recommend them if you have a fire. 

After discovering mold in the church from a small leak in the roof. I called SERVPRO of Valdosta to come to give me a quote on Mitigation. Within 2 days we had a start date and the work was done in a timely manner. The process was pretty easy from start to finish. This team is easy to work with and is professional. I have used this company before and will continue to choose them for our church's needs.

During a recent storm, a limb pushed thru my roof. The guys at SERVPRO of Valdosta came out tarped the roof and extracted the water that had come into my home. Using equipmentto dry the area it took about 3 days to have everything dried helping me to be ready for my contractor to come and fix the damage. I was very pleased with how promptly they came to help with the situation. They worked closely with my insurance company and they did a good job answeringmy questions. I would use this company again. Thanks, SERVPRO!

When an apartment in my complex suffered a blown toilet valve that ran for hours it affected the whole apartment. SERVPRO of Valdosta came down and worked diligently to get us back on track. I appreciated their fast response. I will choose this franchisein the future.

When my septic tank backed up into my bathroom tubs, toilets, and sinks. I called SERVPRO of Valdosta to clean and disinfect my bathrooms. I was very pleased with their work and the promptness was very appreciated. I would use this team again. Thank you SERVPRO!

These guys were awesome. We had a water heater leak for an apparently long time resulting in mold. They responded very timely and began remediation. Highly recommend.

Randy, Andrew, and the SERVPRO team did a super job restoring our house after water damage. They were very professional and were truly concerned making our loss easier to deal with. thanks, SERVPRO!-Ron Irwin

Highly Satisfied with this business! They responded within a couple of hours to the damaged house and assessed the problem! Randy was efficient and very helpful. He pointed us in the right direction and helped to solve our issue. I recommend them to anyone looking for this service!

I get the pleasure of working with Chris, Randy and the Crew.The team at SERVPRO keeps us informed of the job Status. Updates on progress- timeline. This enables us to reach the conclusion faster and help our customers get back to normal in a timely manner. 

I always enjoy working with Chris and the crew. They make my job as an Field Claim Representative easy. The team is always fast, friendly & helpful. I never have to call more then once to get a job started. SERVPRO of Valdosta has been instrumental in assisting me to get my clients lives back together as soon as possible. I most often get a great review from my clients after the job is done. I will continue to call on SERVPRO in the future for a job done right, on time and with happy customers as a result.

As a sitting board member to our local Theater Guild, I was called to the theater early on a Sunday morning . I walked into the theater and was instantly up to my shins in water. I was in full panic. I had no idea where to start. When I walked to the back door there stood Chris from SERVPRO Valdosta, just like an angel. He answered all my questions and made a call to his team who arrived quickly and went straight to work.  In the hours and days after, Chris and his team worked tirelessly to remove the water. They cleaned up debris , removed flooring  and brought in equipment to  dry out our theater. We are now in  the rebuilding process. We are so grateful for the SERVPRO team and their hard work. We had great communication with them thru the process. We would recommend this Franchise to handle your next emergency. Just wait we will be back soon and better then before. 

My fish tank sprung a leak and I was in a panic. My carpet had now become a pond of fish tank water. After calling SERVPRO I quickly learned there is no job to big or small. They came , took care of the water and got my home back to normal. I was impressed how quickly they arrived. If you find yourself in a "fishy" situation give these guys a call. Kristina

 We Can't say enough nice things about this company and its team. After a toilet malfunction we had water all through the bathroom & hall. I remember telling my husband , They're already here! Upon their arrival I was assured that they would take care of it and they did. I even recognized that the Crew Chief on the job is an old school mate. When a situation like this happens its nice to know they have a team of capable people ready to fix the situation. We are very pleased with thier work, professionalisum and eagerness to help. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help when the water rises. Cookie

 Nov 2015 after a large storm, We found standing water inside the building due to a gutter malfunction.The SERVPRO team was on it fast. This was a big job as the water went  thru  the majority of the main office building. They were fast and courteous and did a great job in removing the water and helping to get us dried out and set up for our rebuild. I look forward to our upcoming Emergency Ready Plan that is scheduled compliments of SERVPRO Valdosta. Kim

We are very pleased with the service we received from SERVPRO of Valdosta. When cleaning the ducts in our County Court House they were very professional and even worked around our hours. Job well done!